chicken herb breast


At Farmio, we pride ourselves on providing the finest quality poultry products, and our Chicken Herb Breast is no exception. Indulge your taste buds in the flavors of tender, juicy chicken infused with a blend of aromatic herbs, meticulously selected to elevate your culinary experience. Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, our Chicken Herb Breast is the perfect choice to enhance your recipes and delight your family and guests.

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Sourced from trusted local farms, our chickens are raised in a stress-free environment with access to open spaces and a natural diet, resulting in healthier and more flavorful meat. Each chicken breast is carefully deboned and skillfully seasoned with a harmonious combination of herbs, ensuring a delightful taste profile that will impress even the most discerning palates.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Our Chicken Herb Breast is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We prioritize quality and flavor, guaranteeing a product that meets the highest standards.

  2. Exquisite Herb Blend: Our expert team of culinary enthusiasts has carefully selected the finest herbs to complement the natural flavors of the chicken. The combination of aromatic rosemary, thyme, and parsley creates a symphony of tastes that will elevate your dishes to new heights.

  3. Versatile and Convenient: Farmio’s Chicken Herb Breast offers versatility in the kitchen. It can be used in a wide range of recipes, from classic roast dinners to flavorful stir-fries and hearty sandwiches. It’s a time-saving solution that doesn’t compromise on taste.

  4. Healthier Choice: We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers. Our Chicken Herb Breast is low in fat and high in protein, making it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

Recipe Ideas:

  1. Herb-Infused Roast Chicken: Impress your guests with a succulent herb-roasted chicken breast. Simply season the Chicken Herb Breast with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and roast it to perfection. Serve with roasted vegetables for a wholesome and flavorful meal.

  2. Chicken Herb Stir-Fry: Create a vibrant and aromatic stir-fry by slicing the Chicken Herb Breast into thin strips and tossing it with colorful vegetables, such as bell peppers, snap peas, and carrots. Finish with a splash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds for an Asian-inspired delight.

  3. Herb-Infused Chicken Sandwich: Elevate your sandwiches by using our Chicken Herb Breast as the star ingredient. Layer it with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and your favorite spreads for a delightful and satisfying lunch option.

At Farmio, we are committed to providing you with the best quality poultry products. Our Chicken Herb Breast is a testament to our dedication to taste, health, and culinary excellence. Order your pack of Farmio Chicken Herb Breast today and experience the delectable flavors that will elevate your cooking to new heights!


250g, 500g, 1kg


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